The Ticket Saga Continues

Days since original ticket was opened:  54.


The ticket that I opened for assistance on a number of things with my web hosting company (these increasingly inadequate people here) continue to merge tickets together while ignoring subsequent attempts to get assistance all together.  I opened a new one the other day to inquire about a PHP update and it, like every one since, was lumped into another and summarily ignored.

A Fresh Start

Welcome to a Fresh Start.


Actually, it's out of necessity.  Due to the inability of my hosting company (whom I've been with for probably close to ten years) to respond to a ticket in (currently counting 48 days...I shit you not) and provide even the slightest bit of assistance, I've decided to start my personal website from scratch.  Over time this space will begin to populate with a articles, pictures and an number of shit.


Not that there are people clamoring to find information about me, but for you nosy ya go.